Buzz Cason

Buzz's New Album Passion Available Now

Passion is a fitting title for Buzz Cason's latest recording, which features all originals written or co-written by Buzz. It is his passion for the music and all the excitement and satisfaction that surrounds the process of writing the songs and making a new record that keeps him pressing on after countless seasons in the music game.

"This record is intensely special for me since we molded elements from various genres musically from my career and attempted to make a recording that will satisfy the taste of diverse listeners", Buzz states from his studio in Berry Hill in Nashville, where the majority of the songs were cut. "The musicians, engineers and everyone involved in making this record were great. Also, I'm pleased and thankful that my son Parker Cason worked with me on this record, utilizing his songwriting skills as well as a unique production style that gives the record a fresh feel."


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